Avocado Toast

Oh mannnnn! I don’t know about you, but I ABSOLUTELY love Avocado toast. I try it everywhere I go that offers it. And over the course of trying it all over, I have gotten ideas and tweaked and made my own that is SOOOOOO delicious.
I love that it also has protein so it is part of a main meal for me. I throw some veggies on the side and VOILA…LUNCH is served.

You can EASILY take out the cottage cheese if you want, but TRUST me…you need to at least try it with it on it.

Avocado toast:
1 Whole wheat bread slice, toasted
1/4 cup cottage cheese1/2 avocado, sliced
 1 tsp. Chia Seeds
2 TBS of Chopped Pecans
Red Pepper Flakes
Himilayan Salt ( or sea salt)
Garlic Salt

Simply top the toast with the cottage cheese, then add on the avocados. Sprinkle with Chia Seeds, Pecans, Red Pepper Flakes, Pepper, Himilayan Salt, and Garlic Salt.


Yep. That’s it. Lunch is served in 3 minutes!

My absolute favorite thing about what I do is creating DELICIOUS, nutritious, and QUICK meals. It doesn’t need to be expensive, time consuming, and bland to be healthy.

I know you may have missed my Turkey Taco Soup Recipe, so I wanted to make sure you got a link to it too!  Click HERE to go to that recipe! I posted it on my blog so you can always find it there! Feel free to subscribe to my blog so you get notified anytime I add to it!

If you are loving these recipes and are wanting more guidance (and more recipes) on how to transition all of your life to a healthy lifestyle (which still includes treats. Like….yes. REAL treats.)…feel free to email me. I would love to chat with you and help you get started on a healthy lifestyle.

I run groups every single month in a private app where I post daily (motivation, tips, support, recipes, etc.) and offer more one on one support! My next group starts on Nov. 4th. We will be sharing tips on how to still enjoy the holidays while eating delicious food (and how to have treats) and more recipes for the HOLIDAYS!

If you ever have any questions, I am always here! Until then, ENJOY the most delicious Avocado Toast recipe everrrrr! 😉


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