Officer Involved Critical Incident: Our Story

I know that it’s hard to get the full story of what happened to my husband in his Officer Involved Critical incident when I post separate parts several days apart. I also know how it is to be on the outside and be genuinely curious as to people’s stories.

So I wanted to have them all in one place that you would be able to find them. You can click on the category “Officer Involved Critical Incident” to find all the posts I have done on this topic.

Now let’s get this started:

{Part 1}
On September 26, 2017, I woke up to my belly bump showing. I was 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant and I had my first true prenatal appointment.

As we went about our day, things just were weird. I can’t really explain it besides the energy in everything felt off. Like the universe energy. Sounds hokie but it literally just felt weird.

I chalked it up to pregnancy hormones and just went on with my day.

My hubby had a work training that day so he couldn’t make it to our baby appointment. That’s pretty normal with the cop schedule so I was used to doing things on my own.

As I sat in the parking lot ready to go into my appointment, I read a comment from someone in a free community group I was offering. They were bashing me for inviting people to join a challenge group I was offering with more help on the very topic that the free community group was about.

Here I was pouring time and energy into a FREE group and someone thought it was so rude of me to invite people to really take their health to the next level. Ya know, just offering my services and my job! I was still offering this FREE group for anyone who didn’t want to invest in something more so that comment stung.

I went into my appointment really feeling off now. The day just seemed to compound with frustrations.

And then my midwife couldn’t find the heartbeat.💔

I was really frazzled now. But we chalked it up to my tilted uterus because we had already had an ultrasound and a confirmed heartbeat.

I left feeling even more funky.

I took my kids to PF Chang’s to try and do something to relax. The hubs called while we were eating, saying he got done with training early.

I told him about the heartbeat and that my midwife wanted to come by on Friday (this was a Tuesday) to try and find it.

He asked if I was worried, but I told him not really. Because I didn’t want to obsess and make myself crazy. And this very thing happened when I was pregnant with Kirra.

I didn’t even tell my mom that we couldn’t find the heartbeat because I wanted to be hopeful. And I tell her everything.

We got home and the weirdness never really went away. The hubby had an event that he was working the next night. It was for a Ben Shapiro event.

And a previous event Ben Shapiro did resulted in absolute chaos and riots. So Salt Lake was preparing for the worst. And he was on the riot squad.

He prepared for the riot that night. Making sure all of his gear was good to go. And my mind just couldn’t calm down. That was the most I had ever worried about his safety as a police wife.

I went to bed hoping the next day would be better.

But that weird energy still continued.

And that night I was over the top anxious. I was so annoyed that I was so worried because I hadn’t ever worried like this. Why now??

But this ominous energy was swirling. I could tell something was coming. I just didn’t know what.

That night when he got home, I was able breathe a huge sigh of relief maybe now this weird energy would leave.

Meanwhile…the very day that all this weirdness started…a man was released from prison. A man we knew nothing about.

He was in there on a parole violation (previously serving time for attempted murder and a slew of other charges). He was released after a month and was to head to a halfway house. But he never showed up.

Little did we know that our world would collide. And that weird energy I felt circling? We would quickly find out what that was all about.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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