14 FREE Workouts for you!

I just wanted to pop in here and see how you are doing with this 15 day social distancing stuff! It’s crazy how much our lives has changed in just a week. And as much uncertainty as many are feeling…I am seeing so much good.

It’s these times that bring out the true character in people and I am seeing that there are SOOOO many amazing people in this world.

As I am searching for ways to help lift and support others during this time…I have decided to offer resources that have blessed my life and may bless yours too.

I will be creating resources for:

-Home school

-Developing a routine

-Ways to stay mentally strong



And to kick this off…I wanted to share with you a resource that is available now. I know many are no longer able to get to the gym or many who know that working out would help them manage the chaos at this time. So I created a list of 14 workouts that you can access FOR FREE!


If you have any questions about any of these or need some more advice and guidance…I am always available and will provide whatever I can to help at this time.

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