My FAVORITE Homeschool Resources!

It has been a busy day over here, trying to gather all the info I can to share with all of you!

I know many are looking those resources to implement with their kids during this “forced” homeschool period. I know some don’t want to do a dang thing and want to enjoy the time with their kids in other ways….and that’s totally cool too! I just wanted to share some of my absolute favorites for those who did want to implement SOMETHING.

I have created this PDF resource that has links to my favorite curriculum websites, church study helps, and educational apps. All you have to do is click and it should take you directly to the website or app links. Now, I did try to look for Android links and couldn’t find any for the apps I listed. HOWEVER…many of them do have websites instead of apps if you don’t have an apple but still want to use them in some way.

Click the link below to access all my favorite homeschool resources!

Also…I will be opening up a “MASTER YOUR DAY” community group to help share all the things during this time. I really want us to have a soft landing place to gather resources and uplift one another. I will be sharing all of the resources I am creating and focusing on positivity, mindset growth, and support for others. It will be an open community group to just help one another!

I you want access to this group…click HERE and it will take you to it!

Click HERE to join the group!

Please feel free to share this resource if you feel it will help others! As always…please don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me if you ever have any questions about anything that I am sharing!


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