It has been a busy day over here, trying to gather all the info I can to share with all of you! I know many are looking those resources to implement with their kids during this “forced” homeschool period. I know some don’t want to do a dang thing and want to enjoy the time […]

I just wanted to pop in here and see how you are doing with this 15 day social distancing stuff! It’s crazy how much our lives has changed in just a week. And as much uncertainty as many are feeling…I am seeing so much good. It’s these times that bring out the true character in […]

Oh mannnnn! I don’t know about you, but I ABSOLUTELY love Avocado toast. I try it everywhere I go that offers it. And over the course of trying it all over, I have gotten ideas and tweaked and made my own that is SOOOOOO delicious.I love that it also has protein so it is part […]

{PART 5}—Oh man. We were 6 days out from the incident and life just slapped us across the face. I was so frustrated. We had just found out that we had lost our baby. I was 12 weeks when I found out. My hubby was 5 days out from his attack.—I had never in my […]

{PART 4}—I keep sharing all of these different parts of our story because I really do believe it helps to humanize the badge. And today shifts from understanding the trauma that comes with these incidents…to understanding that every officer has a family life that involves stresses. And when these two collide….it compounds everything.—No officer is […]

{Part 3}—You may be thinking that the worst is over. The hubby survived his attack and we would go home and just resume life with little modifications for his injuries to heal.—But honestly, the attack was just the beginning.—We had no idea what was ahead. And while there were a lot of trials, we started […]

{Part 2}—2 year ago today.—20 seconds. 20 seconds was all it took to get to the brink of being killed at the hands of a felon.—It was now two days after the weird energy started. I hoped I would wake up with it completely gone. Thinking it was stemming from Greg being on the riot […]

I know that it’s hard to get the full story of what happened to my husband in his Officer Involved Critical incident when I post separate parts several days apart. I also know how it is to be on the outside and be genuinely curious as to people’s stories. So I wanted to have them […]

DID SOMEONE SAY SOUP?! One of my FAVORITE things about fall is the SOUP!!! And this is one of my family’s favorite. The best thing about it though is how SIMPLE and QUICK it is to make. I am ALLLLLL about the quick and simple meals. So here it is! 1-2 lbs Ground Turkey1 onion2-16 oz cans corn2- 16 oz […]

Hello, friends! I am so excited to start sharing more of my life here on this blog. For now, let me introduce myself! I’M JAELYN LOVELL I am a homeschool, all-natural loving, freedom seeking momma of 5 (plus an angel babe in heaven) and wife to a hunk of a man, who is now a […]

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